Education - Vision - Advocacy

The EVA Center offers numerous opportunities for training and technical assistance. The following is an overview of topics that we have presented on:

Understanding the language and the links between prostitution and trafficking.

The socio economic/situational factors that create the conditions that render women and girls vulnerable. 

The complex process of "exiting out", best practices in programming and prevention.

Ending demand.

Models for court based interventions.



We also work to create a real understanding that the operational side of the sex trade has changed dramatically.  This is due to technology, economic disparities, a porn culture, normalization of demand and the shift of the sex trade from off the street to an ever expanding, global on line market. 

We also work to bring awareness that many social service agencies need to work towards systemic change rather than simply providing a revolving door of services that fails to meet the complex array of support needed for our most vulnerable populations who now live on the margins. 

Prostitution/trafficking is a complex and ever changing issue that requires the efforts of different stakeholders on all levels. This cooperation allows us to provide effective services as well as joint campaigns. 


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