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our partners

In order to achieve our mission, EVA Center works with a number of committed and inspirational partners and key stakeholders locally, nationally, and internationally.

Our work is part of a much wider network of individuals and organizations working to end sexual exploitation. Being part this broader network gives us an opportunity to keep to our mission and original vision, which brought us into this work.

The founder and director continues to be part of SPACE , Survivors of Prostitution, formed to give voice to women who have survived the abusive reality of prostitution. SPACE includes members from France, Denmark, Germany, Ireland, Canada, Australia, South Africa, the US and the UK.


The EVA Center is a member of CAP, Coalition to Abolish Prostitution, united for a world free from sexual exploitation. CAP consists of 23 front line organizations from 18 different countries from around the world.

Our other partners consists of:

  • Boston Medical Center’s After Midnight Program

  • Boston Health Care For the Homeless

  • Boston Medical Center’s Project Assert

  • Boston University’s Human Trafficking Legal Clinic

  • Demand Abolition

  • Survivors for Solutions

  • CAP (Coalition to Abolish Prostitution)

  • WorldWE, World Without Exploitation

  • Cultured Reframed 

  • SPACE Inc. Survivors of Prostitution

  • CATW, Coalition to Abolish Trafficking in Women

We cannot end the systems of exploitation in one swift blow but by making cracks in the system. I will continue to make a small crack in the community I live in. As we build this global movement we will crack the whole thing and end this harmful practice. 

- Cherie Jimenez

EVA Center is creating a society free of sexual exploitation. Learn more >

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