To ensure that we are providing the best resources possible we collaborate with numerous community programs throughout the Boston area. Collaborative relationships with other agencies allow us to direct women into possible vocational and educational opportunities, the ability to access legal services, explore potential employers, and connect to medical and wellness programs to name just a few. Comprehensive and diverse programming are absolutely critical as no two women exiting out of prostitution need exactly the same resources.

Our work in changing how we think about prostitution is part of a much wider network of individuals and organizations. The EVA Center is unique in that it is a member of CAP, Coalition to Abolish Prostitution, a coalition of 35 frontline organizations in 27 different countries all working around a common objective which is to end systems of prostitution. This not only allows us to work collectively with other exit programs throughout the world but to advocate for the adoption of the Equality Model, the most effective and comprehensive set of laws which is the most effect policy approach in reducing sexual exploitation.