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Our Center, located with in the Family Justice Center, is a caring space for all women who are at risk or experiencing sexual exploitation (prostitution, sex trafficking) and need assistance. We have no cut off for services; we know that women need more than one chance to exit out to achieve a future free from violence, exploitation, and homelessness.

Our Center offers some of the following:

  • Comprehensive exit services, information, and a gateway to resources

  • Access to medical and drug treatment

  • Emergency financial assistance through our Solidarity Fund

We acknowledge that each person has their own experiences, needs, and cultural beliefs, which can vary tremendously. We work to ensure that each person has access to safety, a place to heal, as well as, the opportunity to take an active role in decisions about their lives.


Through our programs, we have seen women become leaders and educators in the community, learning to advocate on behalf of themselves and their sisters. This advocacy informs our work and changes the narrative around exploited youth and women, as well as contributing to the movement for greater awareness and social change.

We are dedicated to creating a safe, respectful, and healthy environment for those with a history of violence and exploitation. We strive to meet the needs of our members and to provide services that will remain relevant to the changing needs of our community.

--EVA Center

EVA Center is creating a society free of sexual exploitation. Learn more >

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