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The EVA Center provides a wide range of continuous and comprehensive services for women exploited through prostitution and sex trafficking. EVA Center is led and managed by survivors who have had direct experience with sexual exploitation; this helps inform EVA’s work and accountability and creates a stronger voice for marginalized, exploited women. We work with global partners to end the sexual exploitation of women and girls, give voice to survivors, and advocate for the implementation of the Nordic Model. Learn more about EVA Center by exploring below:  

Mission & History

Founded in 2006 by Cherie Jimenez, the EVA Center, formerly Kim's Project, has over ten years of direct service experience working with women in commercial sexual exploitation.

The Issue

The sex trade is not new, but it’s changed significantly. It is now a very profitable, normalized international industry.

Our Partners

In order to achieve their mission, EVA Center works with a number of committed and inspirational partners and key stakeholders locally, nationally, and internationally.


Stay up to date with the happenings at EVA Center through the blog!

- EVA Center

We believe women are the experts in their own lives. We value survivor leadership and work to create it as much as possible. Women who are active in their own decisions are creating change just by being in charge of their choices and their destiny. 

EVA Center is creating a society free of sexual exploitation. Learn more >

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