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Prostitution and trafficking of women and girls is a critical human rights issue that many organizations and individuals can play an important role in addressing. Even with increased awareness and trainings many individuals still go unrecognized and unidentified. However, along with outreach their needs to be more resources for effective exit programs.

Given the complex legal, social and economic needs of prostituted women, a coordinated multiagency approach is critical for women to permanently exit out of sexual exploitation. Trauma informed and strength based approaches can improve identification and ensure individuals have access to opportunities and services.

It is a continuous challenge in reaching out to vulnerable and marginalized populations who often do not disclose their involvement in the sex trade for obvious reasons. However The EVA Center works to ensure that underserved and hard to reach individuals are aware of whom we are. This includes the following:

Educating the community and those who often are the first responders such as law enforcement.

Reaching out to those in at risk situations and the people who come into contact with them such as corrections, the courts, and medical providers.

Giving women access to our center enables peer advocates to make an initial connection and let women know that when they are ready for a program, shelter, education and training etc., we can connect them.

Making it a multi system effort. We can make limited resources go further by collaborating with various like-minded organizations as well as reaching out to those who could also become champions on this issue.

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