Education and awareness that prostitution is sexual exploitation

The EVA Center is a survivor led organization that provides a wide range of continuous and comprehensive services for women exploited through prostitution and sex trafficking. Programs are led by survivors who have had direct experience with sexual exploitation; this helps inform EVA’s work and accountability and creates a stronger voice for marginalized, exploited women.


The EVA Center also works with global partners to end the sexual exploitation of women and girls, give voice to survivors, and advocate for the implementation of the Nordic Model.  



Our organization is committed to ending prostitution by advocating against policies and systems that perpetuate cycles of sexual exploitation, violence, and economic marginalization.

Our Center &

Safe Home

Our Center provides assistance to individuals seeking a way out of commercial sexual exploitation. Our center’s programs work to ensure that women that are in crisis, severely impacted by poverty and violence have a place to heal and access to services.


The EVA Center has partnered with law enforcement to shift the response from arrest to services here in Boston. If you or someone you know would like to talk to someone please call 617-779-2133. This is not a hotline but we will respond within 24 hours.

 2 Generation Program 

A two generation approach differs from models that provide services to parents and their children separately. A two generation program and its policies aim to engage families in ways that address both groups simultaneously.


Two generation approaches also address and focus on the core tenant of child development findings – that parents, especially in the beginning years are critical to children’s healthy development. These first relationships between parents and children hold the clues of how we become who we are.

Recent Updates

Prostitution and trafficking of women and girls is a critical human rights issue that many organizations and individuals can play an important role in addressing. Even with increased awareness and trainings many individuals still go unrecognized and unidentified. Howev...

Our safe home is the result of years of collaborations with governmental and non-governmental organizations here in Boston. Thanks to a committed and diverse group of organizations and individuals we are able to provide nine women and their children emergency housing,...

In Sweden, prostitution is regarded as an aspect of male violence against women and children. In 1999, as part of a Violence Against Women bill, Sweden passed a law that criminalized the buyers of sex while decriminalizing individuals in prostitution and providing them...

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