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The EVA Center started in 2006. It came about out of the need for a caring non-judgmental space for those who were at risk and or wanting out of the sex trade.  Because of the social stigma associated with those in the sex trade, survivors and those involved feel more of a connection and trust for those that had similar experiences. Therefore, the EVA Center started and continues to be survivor led. We believe that every person deserves opportunities in which to learn about themselves, to acquire new skills, to heal from the past, and to advocate for their needs.

The EVA Center opened as one of the first community-based programs within the Boston’s Family Justice Center. For almost twenty years we have offered continuous and comprehensive exit services, information and resources for hundreds of individuals impacted by the sex trade.  

There is no cut off of services, understanding that exiting out is rarely a linear event. We acknowledge that each person has their own experiences, needs, and cultural beliefs- which can vary tremendously, and that those that come through the center are the experts on the issues impacting their lives.

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