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For the majority of those that came through the Center, finding a place to stay was a daily struggle, that precluded their ever moving beyond a crisis. Therefore, our safe home program opened to fulfill this need, it became one of the few community shelter programs that can assist women in crisis, who need immediate access to safety. Our program can offer up to nine women, ages 18 and older, wanting out of the sex trade, a cooperative living environment of structure and support for up to two years that also incorporates healing, skills development, financial assistance and long term holistic and comprehensive services.

The lack of gainful and viable employment is often one of the primary obstacles facing women that come through our programs. Limited education and the stigma of a criminal record are often barriers to exiting out of the sex trade. However, women who have faced multiple traumas, loss of children, poverty and violence need more than just a job – they need to believe they can make it outside of prostitution. Having survivor staff allows for shared stories without judgement and support through what is often a complicated process of exiting out that is very individualized. We are also one of the few programs where women can reunify with their children while in our safe home.

The EVA House is a three-tier program which allows each participant to work towards their goals, an opportunity to move through the phases as they accomplish certain milestones. Each person creates their own personalized life plan during their first phase of the program, consisting of goals and action steps needed to create positive change in their lives. The goal of the EVA House is to provide women opportunities to develop skills and build the foundation needed to permanently exit the sex trade. Our program and staff support each participant’s path as they move forward in becoming stable, centered, and in control of their own decisions.

We also work to challenge public perceptions and strongly advocate for survivor-led-strength based programming that increases awareness and knowledge of the many socio-economic and situational factors contributing to women’s and girl’s entry into the sex trade.